Ravensburger Announces New THE GREAT BRITISH BAKING SHOW Card Game — GeekTyrant

Fans of the popular The Great British Baking Show like myself will be excited to hear that Ravensburger has turned our favorite baking show into a family card game. For 2-4 players ages 10 and up, players will race against other players to create your confectionary masterpiece. You’ll get cards that will be played to recreate the configuration of baking cards shown on a recipe.

Choose to either rush through to finish first and possibly sacrificing perfection, or to take your time to get the best flavors for your bake. Just be sure to avoid the dreaded “soggy” cards lest you risk the dreaded soggy bottom. Players can also play “Help!” cards to select a wild card from the center of the table to help recreate the amazing sportsmanship we have seen in the show. You’ll also be able to utilize the “Bin” token and throw out anything that isn’t working once per round. 

This sounds like a really fun, short game to help pass the time when you can’t devote much time to a board game or if you just don’t want to set one up. The game is supposed to take roughly 20 minutes which I love. The game will be available in August 2022 at major retailers and local game stores nationwide. Will you get a famous Paul Hollywood handshake or will your creation be a “bit of a mess”?

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