Why Did Lina Esco Leave SWAT -Where Is She Now? Net Worth And Married Life

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Why Did Lina Esco Leave SWAT? Lina Esco, an actress, director, producer, and activist, has a slew of admirers.

Lina Esco rose to prominence in 2007 as the daughter of Jimmy Smits’ character in the CBS television drama Cane.

Lina made her television debut as Angie Watson in the 2006 series CSI: NY. Lina first appeared on the CBS drama Cane in March 2007.


Who Is Lina Esco Spouse -Is She Married?

Lina Esco has not stated her marital status and appears to be single at present. Lina has not made any public announcements about her love life, and she appears to be preoccupied with her job rather than her personal life.

In 2009, Esco co-starred alongside Paula Abdul in an episode of the Drop Dead Diva series. She portrayed a lingerie model who was dismissed after speaking up about her breast cancer survival story.


Why Did Lina Esco Leave SWAT -Where Is She Now? Net Worth And Married Life
How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.


Lina was set to join the cast of Fox’s pilot Exit Strategy in February 2011. Mia, an MIT graduate and computer whiz from South Boston, was to be played by her.

She was cast in Ryan Murphy’s HBO pilot in 2014. She made his feature debut in 2005 with London. Esco plays a supporting role in the 2012 comedy LOL.

Lina has been a cast member on “S.W.A.T.” since the show’s inaugural season in 2017. In season 2, Lina plays Officer III Christina “Chris” Alonso, who goes into a polyamorous relationship.

Why Did Lina Esco Leave SWAT -Where Is She Now?

Lina Esco’s supporters were confused as to why she quit SWAT. In some respects, Esco’s admirers were prepared for it and anticipated it.

Nonetheless, for the majority of tonight’s new program, viewers hoped that the character would reconsider Esco’s mind. Esco adored the majority of her coworkers much as she adored Street.


Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.
Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.


Esco’s admirers figured that it was the end of the story when she gave in her badge after the show. The authors had invested so much in a decent farewell for the character; they wouldn’t walk it back.

If a cast member quits, it is assumed that they wish to move on to pursue other things. Everyone understands that SWAT is a very demanding program due to the long hours and high expectations that are placed on viewers on a weekly basis.

Esco verified on Twitter that this IS the reason she wants to leave. Esco is starting a new chapter, but she is appreciative of the chances she has had with SWAT throughout the years.


Lina Esco Net Worth: How Rich?

Lina Esco’s net worth is believed to be over 2 million dollars, according to Thepersonage. Esco makes the majority of her money as an actor and producer.

Lina appeared in Sinéad O’Connor’s music video “Jealous” in 2001. Lina has a brief appearance in Moby’s music video for “Southside,” featuring Gwen Stefani. 

“Kids Speak Out Against Dolphin Captivity,” a 2012 public service announcement for The Cove, was directed by Lina. Lina directed Free the Nipple in an attempt to avoid female nipple restriction.

Esco directed and performed in Free the Nipple, which was released on December 12, 2014, in select cinemas, on-demand, and on iTunes.

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